The Exchange Trip by Alison J. Wainwright

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Thirteen-year-old Luke Silvester is on a school trip with his Italian language class from Micklemarsh High School. They're staying in Caravalla, normally a small wine-producing town in the north of Italy, but now all the vineyards are blighted. Except one. The one owned by Riccardo and Serena Valli and their 11-year-old daughter, Marcy, with whom Luke is staying. There are rumours in the superstitious town that Riccardo has cast a spell to ruin everyone else's crops. Luke's firm belief that magic doesn't exist is called increasingly into question as strange things keep happening around him. He finally has to accept magic is real when he witnesses a human being become an owl and fly off into the night. He too wants to soar off into the night, and gulps down leftover magic potion. But it's not just Luke who gets transformed; his entire school trip - and his entire life - change too. Just when it seems to Luke and his new friend, Marcy, that all hope of changing him back is lost, Marcy spots one last chance to put things right.

"A well written story, full of intrigue and twists, and fun to read." Leona Deakin, author of Gone and Lost.

***All author royalties from sales of The Exchange Trip are donated to Yorkshire Cancer Research which helps people avoid and survive cancer. Yorkshire people are more likely to get cancer and more likely to die from it than most other counties in England. The charity’s work aims to save 2,000 more people each year. Registered charity No 516898 (England and Wales).***