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Lowering cancer risk

Being overweight, drinking too much alcohol and not exercising enough all increase the risk of getting cancer.

Four in 10 cancers could be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle. This is why we’re encouraging people across Yorkshire to make healthy changes. Making lifestyle changes now could really impact your future health. It’s never too late.

To lower cancer risk we can:


Drink less


Stay safe
in the sun

Be a healthy


Wise up to cancer

Our Wise up to Cancer programme works with community organisations, pharmacies and doctors surgeries in disadvantaged communities in Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield. The programme encourages everyone to talk to a health champion about cancer risks, positive lifestyle changes and the importance of going to screenings. Everyone is encouraged to set realistic goals for making healthy lifestyle changes and receives information for other local services that can help.

To find out more about the programme and healthy changes you can make to your lifestyle visit our Wise up to Cancer page.

Vape to Quit

Vaping and smoking are not the same activity, and outlining vaping’s value as a tool to quit we can bring down the smoking rate in Yorkshire and reduce the number of people in the region who are needlessly dying through smoking-related cancers. We are also asking healthcare professionals working in the region to support smokers who choose to quit by vaping.

To find out more about vaping visit our Vape to Quit page.

Clinical trials

We’re funding a clinical trial to find out whether smokers who attend a lung screening appointment are more likely to quit and reduce their future cancer risk if they receive a photo image of their lungs and heart.